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Political Leaders Engage in Mindless Destruction    November 19, 2008

Having taken some steps toward combatting the economic crisis, Ukraine's political leaders are undoing those steps by their internecine fights, shows Adrian Karatnycky in his analysis written for the Kyiv Post.    >>> read the analysis in our "Publications" section

Kiev's Crackup    October 29, 2008

Positive developments in Ukraine are seriously overshadowed by the deepening split both within and among the major political forces in Ukraine, writes Adrian Karatnycky in an op-ed in "The Wall Street Journal". The way out could be a technocratic government which would concentrate on combatting the current economic crisis. This, however, would demand the emergence of new faces and new forces in Ukrainian politics, if the country is to avoid collapse.    >>> read this article in our "Publications" section

Kyiv's Leaders Locked in Trash-Talking as Economy Unravels    October 22, 2008

Ukraine is in dire need of rapid implementation of sensible policy for countering economic crisis, while the country's political leaders continue to disregard the seriousness of the situation and even aggravating Ukraine's image in the West by careless mutual accusations. At the same time, however, there are auguries of emergence of new elites which will be more professional and pragmatically oriented, steering the country safely out of the present economic crisis.    >>> read the analysis in our "Publications" section

Overcome rivalries and draw clear lines of authority    May 14, 2008

The rivalries between major Ukrainian political forces have helped overcome the legacy of authoritarianism and create a competitive environment conducive to the development of democracy. Yet, the extent of infighting may endanger stability as the country's leaders are unable to turn their attention to solving economic and social problems cooperatively, being too preoccupied with power issues. These issues need to be set aside if the emergence of a modern market democracy is not to be thwarted, writes Adrian Karatnycky in a column for Financial Times.    >>> read this article in our "Publications" section

Senator Lugar Addresses Washington US-Ukraine Energy Dialogue Organized by the Orange Circle and the Center for US-Ukrainian Relations    April 17, 2008

On April 15-16, 2008, the US-Ukraine Energy Dialogue III roundtable was held in Washington, DC, co-organized by the Orange Circle and the Center for US-Ukrainian Relations. Senator Richard Lugar spoke at this event, telling the audience, “It is time for the trans-Atlantic community to establish a credible energy security strategy that diversifies energy sources for all Europe, establishes a collective framework to work with Russia, and refuses to tolerate the use of energy as an instrument of coercion.”    >>> read the entire text of Sen. Lugar's address

Three Years After — Theoretical Reflections on Ukraine’s Orange Revolution    April 15, 2008

Alexander J. Motyl, an OC board member, analyzes why the Orange Revolution did not, and could not produce the lasting change that the public had hoped for, in an article written for Harvard International Review.    >>> read the article in our "Publications" section

Yevhen Chervonenko Delivers Keynote Address at Euro 2012 Conference in New York    April 08, 2008

A conference gathering numerous investors interested in helping Ukraine prepare for the Euro-2012 football championship has been organized by the Orange Circle in partnership with the Center for US-Ukrainian Relations. The main guest from the Ukrainian side was Yevhen Chervonenko, who spoke to Western investors about opportunities for cooperation.    >>> read the report in our "Events" section

Ukraine's Second Chance    December 21, 2007

Adrian Karatnycky and Jan Neutze, co-authors of a recent Atlantic Council report "Corruption, Democracy, and Investment in Ukraine", are suggesting the steps that the new Ukrainian government should take in order to combat corruption, in an article written for the Wall Street Journal.    >>> read the article in our "Publications" section

Ukraine Without Viktor Yushchenko: A Counterfactual History, Or ‘What If?’    December 06, 2007

Despite widespread criticism of Victor Yushchenko's tenure as President of Ukraine, one would only need to ask "What if there were no Victor Yushchenko?" to start better appreciating his role in Ukrainian history, writes Adrian Karatnycky in his article written for the Kyiv Post.    >>> read the article in our "Publications" section

Orange Circle President Co-Authors Major Corruption Report    November 1, 2007

Adrian Karatnycky became the co-author of the report Corruption, Democracy, and Investment in Ukraine, published by the Atlantic Council of the United States.    >>> read more

Europe’s Power Struggle    October 15, 2007

A Newsweek article on EU's steps to prevent Russia's advances to control all energy supply lines to Europe.    >>> read article in our "Publications" section

Securing an Orange Victory    October 05, 2007

A report for The New York Sun article about the results of Ukrainian parliamentary elections.    >>> read article in our "Publications" section

Spitting Image    September 27, 2007

Political events in Ukraine and Poland are very much alike, argues Adrian Karatnycky in an article written for the Wall Street Journal.    >>> read article in our "Publications" section

Escaping Putin's Energy Squeeze    July 1, 2007

An article by Adrian Karatnycky in "The Washington Post" deals with the implications of the continued efforts by Russia to concentrate under its control all routes by which energy is supplied to Europe, and the role of Ukraine in the possible solution of this problem.    >>> read article in our "Publications" section

Ukraine - North America Investment Forum held in New York    June 10, 2007

A forum focused on investment in Ukraine was held in New York on June 4-6, 2007. Speakers at the forum included former Prime-Minister of Ukraine Yuri Yekhanurov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine Oleksandr Savchenko. Participating companies included: Ukreximbank, Ernst&Young, JP Morgan, System Capital Management, Horizon Capital, CFC Consulting, Salans, SHI Consulting, and others
>>> read the report about this forum in our Events section


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